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Brittany is a radiant, captivating, and crowd pleasing professional speaker who will wow and inspire your audience! Brittany’s ability to authentically connect with the room and engage her audience to take action in their lives makes her one of the most memorable speakers on any platform. Your guests will be ecstatic that you booked Brittany for your event!

Keynote – 1 to 2 hours. Perfect for any size audience, the Keynote will be tailored to your audience needs and/or theme of your event that is guaranteed to inspire and motivate your guests!

Keynote Plus – 2 to 4 hours. Perfect for any size audience, the

Keynote Plus will be tailored to your audience needs and/or theme of your event with allotted time to fully engage participants with experiential exercises during this time. Your guests will be inspired and ready to take action on the topic presented immediately!

The Keynote Experience – 1 to 3 days – 8 to 24 hours. The Keynote Experience will be highly tailored and customized to the needs, culture, and goals of your specific group. In this timeframe, multiple topics, issues, and goals will be addressed, processed, and implemented through exercises and group interaction. The Keynote Experience can be delivered to large groups or in more intimate, retreat type settings for smaller teams or executive boards. Your audience will experience powerful, life changing transformations!

Brittany’s Areas of Expertise

1. Success Training – Tailored to any audience, success principles, habits, and strategies are proven and applicable to any person, any goal, anytime as they are timeless and universal in nature. Any one of these topics will inspire and motivate your guests to take action on their goals, projects, and purpose.

Success Training Topic examples include, but not limited to:

  • Success Secrets of Top Performers
  • The Power of Visualization
  • Creating Confidence 
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Maintaining Motivation 
  • Asking Your Way to Success
  • Creating What You Want in Life/Business
  • The Power of Your Thoughts
  • Taking Personal Accountability To Create Success
  • Take Action!!
  • The Law of Attraction in Action 
  • Temmate Training

2. Inspirational – Brittany’s heartfelt messages inspire hope, faith, and courage that will touch the hearts and the spirits of audience members. Focused on seeing life as a gift, Brittany shines light and realistic ideas on how to transform adversities into opportunities, gifts, and guides in celebrating life now!

Inspirational Topic examples include, yet not limited to:

  • The Gifts of Adversity
  • Transforming Your Challenges Into Your Opportunities
  • It’s All About Connection!
  • Leaving The Fear Behind
  • The Gift of Intuition 
  • The Courage to Change
  • Can I Be Faithful To The Process?
  • Slight Edge Principles
  • Discovering Your Life Purpose
  • The Life Success Formula 
  • Your Life, Your CHOICE

3.. Corporate/Leadership Development – With 5 years of experience of working in corporate environments and training to important leadership development concepts, Brittany will successfully coach and lead your audience or team(s) through timely and relevant competencies to influence the morale, productivity, and the bottom line of increased revenue for your organization. It’s all about being a good “Teammate.”

Corporate/Leadership Development Topic examples include, yet not limited to:

  • Winning Teams! (Teambuilding)
  • Communication Skills
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Change Management
  • Hiring & Interviewing
  • Fostering Morale
  • When to Lead ~ When to Manage
  • Living “The Service Code” in Leadership
  • Managing Work/Life Balance
  • Stress Management
  • Principle Driven Leadership
  • Managing the Ego in the Workplace
  • The Power of Recognition 

4. The Speaker’s Coach – Whether your audience wants to polish up their presentation skills for business meetings to speaking confidently to large groups of people, Brittany’s expertise in speaking comes from a formal education in Speech Communication, National championships,  coupled with years of public speaking and training experience. Public Speaking is noted as the number one fear for people, yet it is one of the most crucial skills to confidently master for far reaching influence and effectiveness.

Public Speaking Topic examples include, yet not limited to:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Stage Presence
  • Authentic Charisma
  • SHINE ~ Confidence in Speaking
  • Mastering the Nerves 
  • Enrolling Your Audience
  • Subtle Selling Techniques

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